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Microwave and RF Electronics Technical Sales Support, Quotations, and order placement services

Microwave and RF Components Manaufacturers Represented

American Technical Ceramics Representative G Squared Tec Donna Gildea
American Technical Ceramics
Multilayer and single layer ceramic capacitors, resistors (including high power), inductors and power capacitor assemblies. Thin film ceramic substrates and custom hybrid circuits with integrated thin film resistors, capacitors, inductors and lumped element and distributed filters
BC Power Systems Sales Representatives
BC Systems Inc.
Custom military power supplies, power control products, EMI filter products and integrated power systems
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
RF and microwave connectors including push on blind mate SMP Secure Lok, ultra high speed UHS OCTAX data connectors, filtered connectors, WMP connectors, TMP and XMP connectors
Flann Microwave waveguide components and assemblies
Flann Microwave Ltd.
Waveguide components and assemblies: adaptors, couplers, terminations, filters, transducers, switches and antennas up to 170 GHz
JFW Industries Sales Representatives
JFW Industries, Inc.
Attenuators, RF switches, power dividers, test accessories and test systems
LCF RF power amplifiers manufacturing
LCF Enterprises
High power RF amplifiers
MicroWave Technology
MicroWave Technology
GaAs and GaN RF power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICS, hybrid modules and connectorized microwave amplifiers
 MTI Milliren Technologies
MTI Milliren Technologies
Manufacturer of Hi-Rel OCXOs, TCXOs, VCOXs and PLL Synthesizers
RF and Microwave Filters and Assemblies by Networks International Corporation
Networks International Corp.
Custom RF filters. Topologies include lumped element, cavity, ceramic, crystal, multiplexers and diplexers. VCTCXO's, TCXO's
ferrite isolators, circulators, and milimeter wave components and modules
Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC

http://www.rec-usa.com / http://www.hxi.com
Ferrite isolators and circulator, millimeter wave components and modules
RF Logic RF and microwave cable Sales representative
RF Logic
RF and microwave cable assemblies from DC-40 GHz; Semi-rigid, flexible and test cables, cable harnesses, delay lines, ATE and custom test equipment
RH Labs Sales Representatives
RH Labs
Microwave control components and subassemblies: switches, attenuators, mixers, limiters, detectors, phase shifters and multi-function packages
Synergy Microwave Corporation Sales Representatives
Synergy Microwave Corporation
Signal processing components: Low noise frequency sources, VCOs, synthesizers, mixers, hybrids, couplers, power dividers, modulators, frequency doublers, phase shifters, transformers
Teledyne Printed Curcuit Tech Representative
Teledyne Printed Circuit Tech.
Multi-layer flexible and rigid-flex printed circuits, backplanes, VME-flex and chassis-level assemblies
Teledyne Reynolds representative
Teledyne Reynolds
High voltage interconnect products to 75 KV for military, aerospace & medical applications; high voltage components, transient protection devices and electronic modules
Tru Connector custom RF connectors and cable assemblies
Tru Connector
Custom RF connectors and cable assemblies specializing in high power and phase matching up to 50 GHZ
Donna Glidea of G Squared Technologies Electronics Manufacturers Representative

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